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Here are a few examples of currently available edge treatments, to customize your Bailey Pool Table.

The first here, is a standard Round over shape. It is very simple, but  gives a soft edge which is slightly less susceptible to damage from bumps and dings. This is the standard edge on the table pictured on this site.

Round over

Next  we have a Drop-Round over, It leaves a sharp edge on top, with a rounded edge below. A little more decorative, but still less vulnerable to damage than a sharp edge.

Drop Round over

This chamfer edge is a simple 45-degree edge. Gives a little character to the edge, very simple and appealing.


The Roman Ogee. This is more decorative, with a drop and a rolled edge.

Roman Ogee

The Classical edge. This adds a classy finish to the edge. It has a drop and a double rolled edge.


There are a few others available, not yet pictured, and more being added all the time.