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We now have the ability to add decorative carved raised panels to all our Pool Tables, at extra cost. Decoration can be as simple as panel-moldings only, or panel-moldings with raised panel inserts. Insert panels can be plain or carved. A number of decorative patterns are available, and can be created with the customer to make the table as ornate as desired, without changing the underlying structure and strength of the table. Panels can even be carved with text, such as the customers name, as pictured in these examples. Below are a few samples.

Panel Molding on body of Table

Panel Molding and plain, raised panel insert on body of Table

Carved panel insert, shield with initial in center, and floral scrollwork

Old English text, customer's name on raised panel inserts.

Floral and scrollwork panel

Sample of a leg with plain, raised panel

Leg sample with scrollwork and Personalized with initial "B" in old english script

Leg with decorative shield and personalized with initial

Decorated with scrollwork and shield

These are just a few examples of what can be created. Depending on how much time designing carving is desired, a wide range of carved decoration is possible.